Roller Door Assembly Factory

As the professional leading roller door manufacturer in Taiwan since 1994, we are experienced output the roller door production technology to assist our client to plan the roller door factory, assembly equipment, production line, making plant, and supply motor & control unit, parts, tools, assembling machine…..etc.

We can provide you all kind of roller door technical to satisfy your need.


Located in Taiwan-taoyuan city and branch factory in Taiwan-tainan city, with cooperated China-fuzou, Singapore, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, USA and South Africa…etc. We are the specialized manufacturer in high quality, safety, silent, attractive, and speed roller doors with ISO 9001 specification roller door assembly equipment factory production line, made in Taiwan.

The facility assembly machines and tools as following :

  1. Joint-lap rolling machine
  2. Packing machine
  3. Slat-hydraulic cutting machine
  4. Hydraulic press machine for setting hole
  5. Hydraulic press machine for ventilation hole
  1. Hydraulic press machine for lock hole
  2. Hydraulic press machine for letter hole
  3. Hydraulic press machine for aluminum strip
  4. Hydraulic trolley
  5. Stapler and tools



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