Roller Door Control Unit

An Jinn Roller Door control unit #9701 is designed to meet various demand, suitable for all building, resident, commercial, industrial use…etc, include multiple safety features with built in auto reverse or stop.

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  1. When the roller door is in operation, it will immediately Auto-Reverse or Stop if it encounters resistance, ensuring human, vehicular or object safety.
  2. Can switch to manual operation when escaping a fire or power outage.
  3. Optional install the backup battery-UPS could also prevent the inconvenience of entry/exit during a power outage.
  4. Optional install security alarm, warning light, smoke detector, counter, UPS, LED reciprocal timer, LED external switch, infrared set, power from car set, license plate recognition system, WIFI bluetooth unit cell phone operator…..etc. to expand the security system and complete multiple safety features.



  control unit

  remote controller

  control PCB

  backup battery-UPS

roller door backup battery ups

  LED reciprocal timer

roller door LED reciprocal timer

  infrared set

roller door infrared

LED external switch


roller door counter

WIFI bluetooth unit cell phone operator

WIFI bluetooth unit cell phone operator





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